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Study in Latvia

Latvia is one of the three Baltic States, located at the intersection of Northern and Eastern Europe. It borders Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea. Latvia may not be a large country, but it certainly packs a lot in. Latvia is a country covered in woodland, winding rivers and placid lakes. Latvia is a treasure trove of natural beauty.

Riga is the capital of Latvia and is colloquially known as the Paris of the East. It’s here where most international students find themselves. Riga is a city in three distinct parts: old, Soviet and new. Across the country, but particularly in Riga, English is widely spoken and understood by Latvians from all walks of life.

Latvia inherited its education system from the Soviet Union, but it’s been thoroughly modernized since the country joined the EU in 2004. Latvian schools are part of the Bologna Process, meaning that you can be assured of a world-class education. This also means that the Latvian higher education system is split into three cycles:

First Cycle - undergraduate degrees that take three or four years to complete
Second Cycle - postgraduate qualifications that take one to three years to complete
Third Cycle - PhD studies that take at least three years to complete

Although a small country, Latvian universities have readily adopted to the demands of international students. Well over 200 English-taught study programs are available to choose from - many of them even at the Bachelor level.


The academic year is based on semesters (autumn and spring) and usually begins in September and ends in June. Each semester is 20 weeks long and includes final exams.


The application process and requirements vary from each institution, as many of them have separate procedures and documentation for international students. Please note that different universities have different application periods and duration, early submission of applications is advised to be considered promptly or for students who require tuition or funding assistance.

For Masters applicants, copies of Bachelor Certificate and Transcripts, Advanced Level Certificate, and documents. English Proficiency Results are generally required but can be exempted by certain universities under certain conditions.

Scholarship Opportunities

In accordance with bilateral agreements on co-operation in education and science concluded between Latvian government and a few countries Latvia offers scholarships to foreign students, researchers and teaching staff for studies and participation in summer schools in Latvian higher education institutions. The Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia has delegated the administration of the Latvian state scholarships to the State Education Development Agency.

If a student wants to continue her/his studies in Latvia for one more year, she/he has to re-apply for the Latvian scholarship. The Latvian scholarship can be awarded not more than for two consecutive terms to one individual.

The students who want to study in Latvia will need a student visa. A student must provide all the documents carefully and must be well prepared for Latvia student visa interview questions because a minute mistake can be the reason for the visa rejection. The set of documents students should prepare before applying for Latvia Study Visa. The important documents required for Student visa application are:

  • Passport valid for more than 3 months of intended stay in Latvia
  • A recent photograph
  • Proof of your decided residence in Latvia
  • Admission Letter from the University in Latvia which is approved by the OCMA
  • Bank Statement of Last 3 months showing that student is able to sustain him or herself during their stay in Latvia
  • Diplomas, Mark Sheets, and Degrees of previous education.
  • Travel Insurance
Latvia is an ideal destination for foreign students with its safe and welcoming cities and spectacular coastline, it is ideal for students and visitors alike. Located on the Baltic Sea, Latvia is somewhat of a crossroads between East and West.

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