Refund Policy


STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ will not issue refunds for early service termination under any circumstances.

1. THE STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ will not, under any circumstances, give refunds for early service termination. If student pay the tution fee for any university STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ are not responsible for time duration of refund or refund decision.
2. The student should also understand and accept that no refund or modification to the STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ cost will be made if he/she abandons the original service/process signed up for and wishes to transfer to another service/process.
3. The Service Charges by STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ have no connection to market charges and are in accordance with the firm standards to which the student agreed. Any accusations made after registration, such as charges being too high, would not be entertained, and the application would have no right to protest the same, since it was explained and conveyed through all sources of information, and the student was told before registering.
4. STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ is not liable for any delays caused by third-party services such as Apostille, Legalizations, and Courier Services, which are dependent on external causes. Furthermore, students are not eligible for service charge refunds.
5. The student knows and accepts that the final billing amount will include the consultation fee charged by STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ as well as any relevant taxes. The tax component, on the other hand, is non-refundable at any stage.
6. By signing/accepting the agreement to utilize our services, the student agrees that they will not be able to withdraw at any point during the process due to changes in their personal circumstances. Any type of settlement should not be considered or entertained. We cannot handle refund requests once services have been supplied or any portion of the process has begun because we are a business with significant investment.
7.The student should also understand and accept that no refund or transfer of STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ cost to a friend or family will be made if he or she abandons his or her application or decides to opt out for any reason after signing up.
8. Visa & Scholarships are solely at the discretion of the concerned authorities, scholarship offices, consulates and embassy, STUDY ABROAD CONSULTZ does not guarantee in any manner.